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tuned "way too early" starts right now. ♪ >>> a big night at the ors oscars, ben affleck and "argo" takes home the academy awards' top honors. they were told by none other than first lady michelle obama. she's pretty busy. she did fallon awith mom dancin. >>> this is "way too early." before we get to the other top news of the world, we want to recap last night's academy awards. argo beat films like "lincoln" and silver linings playbook. a bit of redemption for affleck who was passed over best director, which went to ang lee for "lie of pi." "lincoln," though, had its day in the sun, as daniel day-lewis earned his third academy award for best actor. jennifer lawrence might have enjoyed her best actress win for "silver linings playbook" if she hadn't take an spill on her way to the stage. she didn't let that incident get her down. >> thank you. you guys are just standing up because you felt bad that i fell. this is nuts. >> she is amazing. second nomination. she's just 22 years old. rounding out the list of awards, anne hathaway took the prize for best supporting actress for "les mis
for "argo." we're hearing about director ben affleck being passed over in the best director category. >>> jennifer lawrence speaks about her stumble to the stage, and the southeast seth macfarlane moments that everybody is talking about. we come to you live this morning from the roosevelt hotel in los angeles. >>> good morning, welcome, everybody. our starting point this morning, the morning after hollywood's biggest night. the 85th oscar has lots of song and dance, a couple of upsets and a few surprise endings as well. also history being made. daniel day-lewis winning his third best actress award and revealing how he nearly lost the role of lincoln to another screen legend. i think he was joking, let's listen. >> before we decided to do a straight swab, i had actually been committed to play margaret thatcher. and -- and meryl was steven's first choice for lincoln. and i would like to see that version. >> we would all like to see that. cnn's nischelle turner joins us now. she watched it all. >> and now for the moment we have all been waiting for -- >> first lady michelle obama gave t
's going to be "argo." it has been sweeping awards season. ben affleck will walk away with an oscar. guarantee it. >> and that doesn't go for you? >> she's right with "argo" being the one everyone's thinking of. i'm going with "life of pi." "life of pi" to me deserves the best picture. gives you every feeling. happy, sad. you're involved in the whole movie. "life of pi"'s the winner in my category. >> since i'm with the ladies, kendra, best actress? >> kwa venz anyway waquvenzhane. she's shown giving him, like, acting lessons at 6 years old. i'm going with her. >> i saw that movie are and don't see a lot of movie, but her role at hushpuppy, she makes you happy, she makes you cry. she brings you to, you know, her position. her perspective as a child. so, all right. let's go -- amy, the dark horse this year. a lot of favorites. you like "argo" but there are a lot of people pulling for "silver linings playbook." >> yeah. and i think that, you know, you should look at this movie. it's compelling. we've seen robert de niro campaigning for this movie, and he has broken down on national tv
." >> reporter: an especially sweet victory for ben affleck who wasn't even nominated for the hostage thriller. "life of pi" based on the best-selling novel about a boy adrift at sea with a tiger won the most, four, including best direct for for an li. >> namaste. >> reporter: lincoln's leading mandan yell day lewis made history of his own. becoming the first male actor to win three oscars. so grateful for this beautiful honor. she took a tumble heading to the stage. everyone else on their feet when "silver linings playbook" won for best actress. >> you feel bad that i fell. that's really embarrassing. >> and the quest to make tommy lee jones laugh begins now. >> reporter: seth macfarlane took a cheeky tone. poking fun at himself from a victory of captain kirk. >> worst oscar host, is that bad? >> uh-huh, uh-huh. >> reporter: and there were full-throated performances from "chicago," "draeamgirls" and "h will misser he will miserables." and shirley got a standing ovation after the theme from "goldfinger" sung and adele got the best oscar. and barbra streisand sang "memories." >> i was here 15 y
burger. >> ben affleck and matt damon got their first invite in 1998. >> it hit me that my life would be different. >> across the street from the dol fw dolby theater, the famed hollywood roosevelt hotel was the low cal for vanity fair. supporting the ten by ten global campaign to educate girls. the star of '09 is ben affleck, argo. >> i was on the edge of my seat throughout the film. >> me too, frida. i'm going to be the only entertainment tv journalist inside the vanity fair party. my pass was just messengered to me today. it's a pretty cool electronic badge with my name on it. that's how tight security is. i'm going to show you all my exclusive photos from the party on monday. >>> and still ahead right here tonight, is kim kardashian quitting her show? >> what i just found out about the new rumor. >>> then, michael jackson's son with the men of "oz" for "e.t." >> find out what james franco told me when the director revealed he wasn't the first choice for the role. >>> we're on the set of kevin costner and his young son. >> they've both met girls. >>> what's hot on tv this weekend?
sky high. >> it is good directing. >> it is unbelievable that he is not nominated, ben affleck. in a movie, how does the directing vary? >> i can tell you. it is the director's mission. the director decides how it will look, how bit had edited and cast. >> this shot comes up with the editor? >> absolutely. it is amazing to me he isn't nominated. that is how it goes. for best actor, you were mentioning best actor, lincoln. i am hoping, i can't help for lei, because -- leis leis, not just because difficult a gí z 6 "les misirables", not just because of hugh jackman, but because of anne hathaway. take a look... . >> oh, boy, she has come a long way since the devil wears prada, and she can sing! >> and she can sing. tom hooper is not nominated, like ben affleck, not nominated, and katherine bigelow, not nominated. anyway, he did an amazing job, tom hooper, who gave us the king's speech last year. he did it where the people had to sing live. it is quite an amazing performance and film. >> okay. stay with us. we will take a few more films to the desk. don't go anywher
seemed like an after thought when ben affleck was snub threed times as the movie won best picture without a director nod. before midnight argo had its revenge. >> and the oscar goes to, argo. (applause) >> congratulations. >> yes, that was michelle obama. in a surprise first lady gave the announcement argo won best picture. the humble ben affleck got his moment to shine. >> gentle grudges. it doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life because that's going to happen. all that matters is you got to get up. >> very true. steven spielberg won bers director and lee took home the gold for the daring movie life of sy. daniel day-lewis won best ak fo tore for his portrayal of the former president. he was the first ever to win three best actor oscars. >> jennifer lawrence for her role in silver lining play books. she tripped on the way to the stage. then she did get a standing o. >> thank you. you guys are just standing up because you feel bad that i fell and that's real limb bare rasing. >>> oo he won his best supporting actor for quentin tarantino change and hathaway as expected won best su
the supreme court is about to hear a challenge to the law. and long before ben affleck told the oscar-winning story -- >> you have to know your resume back to front. >> reporterfront. >> pelley: -- david martin broke the story. >> you consider success to be the fact that nobody knew. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. reporting tonight from washington. >> pelley: good evening, detention cells are opening in several states tonight. hundreds of illegal immigrants awaiting deportation are instead being releasedded because the obama administration says it can't afford to hold them. it's a response to automatic across-the-board cuts in federal spending that are due to begin on friday. these cuts were never intended to happen. they were designed by both parties to be so harmful that they would force the president and congress to compromise on a better way. but they haven't. a short while ago, we spoke to the republican speaker of the house, john boehner. you know this place better than anyone. it can't be done before friday. this is going to happen
oscar snubs of the year, ben affleck ignored for his critically appraised film "argo." well, now it's affleck who may be getting the last laugh. he won the director's guild award after taking home a golden globe and s.a.g. award. a reversal of fortune when you consider where his career was heading before he stepped behind the camera. abc's rachel smith joins us from los angeles. and, rachel, this seems to be ben affleck's year. >> reporter: it could be, bianna. well, ben affleck's big win last night now makes for an intriguing oscar because dga award winners almost always go on to win the oscar for best director and their movie for the oscar for best picture. but that's not the case this year. "argo" is nominated for an oscar but its director, ben affleck, isn't. >> ben affleck. >> reporter: another mission accomplished for "argo." >> i tried really hard. i worked really hard at this. >> reporter: its director ben affleck, the first time directors guild of america nominee taking home the award for outstanding directorial achievement for a feature film. >> time to go. >> i'm really l
with this movie gets thanks. >> reporter: it was so great to see ben affleck win the oscar for "argo" and best picture. as you can see in the wee hours of the morning in hollywood, a lot of people are still celebrating. we have the governor's ball behind me. charlize theron walked by. 1,500 people wining and dining behind me here this morning. reporting live, brandi hitt. back to you in the studio. is >> you have such a terrible assignment this evening. we feel so bad for you. brandi, i have to ask you, i'm on the fence about seth macfarlane's performance. what is the reaction how he did as a host? >> good question, diana. i'm on the fence a little too. he is provocative and he's kind of criticized online about being too provocative and not finding a rhythm. some people have taken to twitter saying he did a horrible job. one person writing my 9-year-old doesn't think he's funny. what happened to amy poehler and tina fey taking the spot. but he did a lot of what seth macfarlane does. you saw him wearing a nun costume. you saw him do hand puppets and a song about boobs. that's the kind of person
mentioned daniel day-lewis, he won his third oscar. ben affleck won before, more than ten years ago, a screenwriting award for "goodwill hunting." and then how about quentin tarantino and christoph waltz, they both won their second. they do good work together. >> thank you, craig gropper, live in hollywood. >> the real fun happens at the parties. the most exclusive invite is the "vanity fair" soiree. halle berry and richard gere among the attendees. >> and then there's elton john's oscar viewing bash. tim allen and jane lynch turned out for that party. >>> coming up at 7:00, the entire "gma" team is there for a complete roundup. you don't want to miss it. >>> breaking news this morning, a moderate earthquake shook japan for about 30 seconds this morning. the magnitude 6.2 shake did not trigger a tsunami. the strongest shaking about 100 miles north of tokyo. no damage reported at nuclear plants. >>> pope benedict, in his final week of his papacy. his resignation becomes official on thursday. about 100,000 people were there for his final sunday blessing. today, he's expected to issue
going? >> i'm going to look out and see if i can find ben affleck or george clooney. or denzel is here tonight. i can't wait to lock eyes with him. you asked me a question. i want to be honest with you. >> what keeps you going. >> my grandma. she's here. >> beautiful. >> what keeps you going on a night like this? >> you just got to enjoy it and then have a good dinner at the governors ball because you probably haven't eaten today. then we hit the after parties. >> a little coffee? >> absolutely. >> or champagne. >> coffee. we'll go with coffee. >> all right. >> this awards season "e.t.'s" red carpet runs on dunkin. >>> in tonight's "entertainment tonight birthdays" which grammy winner once worked as a hat check girl in a jazz club? that is corrine bailey ray who turns 34 today. >>> the countdown is on to the premiere of "dancing with the stars." march 18th on abc. >> the new cast was announced today. who's in? olympic legend dorothy hamill. >> kmu yalg comedian d.l. hughley. real housewives of beverly hills lisa vanderpump. >> country music star wynonna judd. >> "e.t." was there as wyn
hostage thriller, "argo" came away the big winner. giving ben affleck the last lau laugh. nichelle turner has been up all night. good whatever it is for you. >> can we take the just off of there. can we say cnn's nischelle turner has been up all night. >> still, you look great. good to see you this morning. >> okay. thank you very much. yeah. it's been a great night here in hollywood. they call it hollywood's biggest night. and it definitely has been hollywood's biggest night. the 85th oscars was supposed to be a return to hollywood glamour. return to the oscars of the past everyone loved. the big production numbers. the musical acts. if that is what you love, that is what you saw. let's take a look at that. >> and now, for the moment we have all been waiting for -- >> reporter: first lady michelle obama gave the oscars a jolt of excitement and a huge surprise, when she appeared from the white house to announce the night's biggest prize, best picture. >> and the oscar goes to "argo." >> reporter: it was an especially sweet victory for ben affleck, who wasn't nominated for directing the ho
edition saw the triumph of "argo" directed by ben affleck. it won in the best picture and two other categories. "argo" competed against several high-profile features including steve spielberg's "lincoln" and "zero dark 30." ben affleck's film received two more oscars in the film editing and adapted screenplay categories. ang lee snatched best director for "life of pi". it received the largest number of awards. there were a total of four oscars. daniel day-lewis' portrayal of abraham lincoln earned him the best actor award. he was the first man to be awarded three oscars in this category. media in iran have criticized "argo" for being what they call a highly fictitious account of the crisis and portraying iranians as evil. our correspondent in tehran says iranian producers are working on their own version of the story. >>> japan's prime minister named his choice for the next bank of japan chief. he plans to nominate haruhiko kuroda. he served as finance minister from 1999 to 2003. he moved to the adb two years later. he's currently serving his third term as president. he has been a s
way febreze helps you breathe happy. >>> ben affleck may not get an oscar but his fizz tank does. how does this very interesting entrepreneur get his employees to trust him as much as he trusts them. that plus walking the red carpet coming up next on "your business." >>> hi, there, everyone. i'm j.j. ramberg and welcome to "your business," the show dedicated to gives you tips and advice to help your business grow. as ben affleck walks the red carpet at the academy awards, will he be thinking, my fish are okay? his original designs on all things aquatic means his services are always in high demand, but in order to grow his business, he's needed to master the art of delegating and getting his clients to trust his employees ads mump as they trust him. ♪ i've got a fish in my dish >> i can put any kind of fish tank in my house but i wanted it to be a piece of art. >> he's been designing one-of-a-kind custom aquariums for the rich and famous since 1998. >> i've done cc sabathia. he loves his aquarium. i've men with jennifer garner and ben affleck, the young harry morton. i've done a lot
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george clooney and ben affleck, hugh jackman, they were all so calm. th*erp used to it -- they were used to it i guess. >> it struck me as them being so nervous. i feel like they always look terrified. >> no. cool as a cucumber. it was a thrill to be close to all the fashions too. jane fonda knocked it out of the box in that canary yellow versace gown. people say hollywood ignores women over 70 but there was no ignoring her last night. >> she did look fantastic. others you thought looked fantastic too? >> jennifer lawrence. >> there's jennifer lawrence now we're seeing and there's jessica chastain. they looked beautiful. elegant, classy looks we like for a change. michael tammero, great having you. thanks for the update on the carpet. get some sleep. >> lots of fun. "fox & friends" starts now. we hope you have a great day. goodbye. >>gretchen: we will. good morning everybody. it is monday, february 25 now. i'm gretchen carlson. >> he was snubbed for best director, a nod for that but did the academy make it up for ben affleck with a gift for the first lady. watch this. >> and the oscar go
make it up for ben affleck with a gift for the first lady. watch this. >> and the oscar goes to? "argo." >>gretchen: argo's big win. jennifer lawrence's big miss. oopsy daisy. straight ahead. >>brian: car number 48 doubles down. >> for the second time the daytona 500 goes to jimmy johnson, five-time champion >> i claim him as my cousin. plus new video from that terrific crash just one day before. >> from a man who loves that car. democrats and republican governors saying the same thing, cuts to that stair doesn't have to happen. the countdown to sequestration. that is what this is about. "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: good morning. hope you had a great weekend. we had some legal segments but we might need help with regard to the oscars. what was the lawyer's opinion of the oscars last night? >> it was great. loved it. i stayed up until about 11:00. >>gretchen: there was knowingly -- there was nothing litigious about jennifer lawrence's fall. >>brian: that show went on so long. the best picture of the year, it goes to "argo." i thought everybody that made the movie was actually
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to dedicate this to him. >> ben affleck accepting the oscars for "argo" about the plan to rescue six americans trapped in iran during the hostage crisis. joining me now is former cia agent whose basis of the film tells the story of "argo" pulled off the rescue. also joining us is tony's wife, former agent herself. and co-author. welcome to you all. let me start with you tony. one of the amazing moment that must have been for you. michelle obama read out the one word, "argo" and you realize your story had been made best picture at the oscars pl. tell me about how you felt in the moment. >> it was beyond belief. it was an emotional reaction was amazing. nothing i ever did in the service was ever as scary as that moment. but it also had the high as well as the low. >> for you sitting there, you have been through so much together. not just at the cia but this gestation period of this movie. must have been great emotional moment for the pair of you. >> it was five years pretty much from beginning to end. at the end, we cried when we won. we cried when chris won. we cried the first time we saw the m
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to take it, even though ben affleck did not get best director nod, and usually best picture has to have a best director nomination with it. but i think because so many folks are pulling for him -- it's like the cinderella story. >> it is. he's come so far because of "good will hunting" and because he was snubbed, his speech, have you to love him. best actor? >> i think it's a no-brainer. i think it's going to be daniel day-lewis. i think for him, you know, making history here, becoming the first actor to have three oscar wins. there are only eight other oscars that have two academy awards and he'll be the one that will get to three first. >> john, does hugh jackman have a shot tonight? >> people love hugh jackman. this won't be his last time to the rodeo but he's not going to wi it's all about daniel day-lewis, all about "lincoln" and this movie inspired mississippi to amend that act and now african-americans are free, slavery is no longer possible there. that's good news. >> it certainly is. best actress? >> i think jennifer lawrence is going to take it. >> you do? >> i do. the categor
: it was an especially sweet victory for ben affleck, who wasn't even dominated for directing the iranian hostage thriller. >> i think everyone on the movie, directed this movie -- >> reporter: "life of pi" about a boy adrift at sea with a tiger won the most, four, including best director, ang lee. he played lincoln's leading man, daniel day-lewis made history, becoming the first male actor to win three oscars. >> so grateful to the academy for this beautiful honor. >> reporter: she took a tumble heading to the stage but everyone else was on their feet when jennifer lawrence won for best actress. >> you guys are just standing up because you feel bad i fell and that's embarrassing. >> and the quest to make tommy lee jones laft begins now. >> reporter: seth macfarlane securing stars and poking fun at himself during a visit from captain kirk. >> seth macfarlane, worst oscar host. it's that bad? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: music, though, was the theme of the night and the show boasted full-throated performances from the cast of "chicago," "dream girls" and "less miserables" and music was a memorable part
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a better bad idea than this? >> this is the best bad idea we have, sir. >> ben affleck in argo. >> i'm thrilled, i never thought i'd get to this play. >> nischelle turner and the race to the red carpet. you're live in the "cnn you're live in the "cnn newsroom." -- captions by vitac -- good morning, thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. in the oscar pistorius case the judge announced he will not make a ruling on bail today. his decision comes on the third day of hearing during final arguments. we'll have more on today's proceedings in just a minute, but first that shocker involving the lead investigator in the case. cnn's nic robertson has that story from pretoria. >> reporter: even before the court begins, a bombshell, south african police announce the lead investigator faces seven counts of attempted murder himself. it stems from an incident when he and other officers allegedly fired shots at a van carrying seven people. they were also charged with using firearms while under the influence of alcohol. the charges had been dropped but were reinstated d
of the names that of course, we all know by now left off the list of best director was ben affleck. and i tell you, that morning at the oscar nominations, there were people that were mouthing the words "no ben affleck" when we did not hear his name. who would have known that this awards season has actually become kind of his redemption story. it is actually now what he has dubbed his second act. take a look. >> the nominees are -- >> reporter: it's the number is heard round the world. ben affleck not getting a nomination besite "argo" getting a nomination. it has unt hurt him on the awards circuit turks helped him. golden globes, directors guild, baftas, you name the award, affleck won it for directing "argo." >> i'm thrilled. never thought i would get to this place in my career. >> reporter: 15 years ago, affleck and fellow boston buddy, matt damon, took home the screen writing actor for "good will hunting request." affleck quickly became one of hollywood's hottest stars but after early success came a series of disasters, both professional, the megaflop "jiggly." >> hello. >> reporter: and br
morning. >> reporter: good morning. "argo" stunned a lot of people including ben affleck by winning best pictures. the cast and people involved in it, a lot of them were so excited they took that best picture oscar to the after parties with them. the stars partied into the night with "a" list celebrities and oscar himself. >> i'm gone these days with one glass of champagne. >> reporter: even the nominees who didn't win appeared to be having a good time. >> "argo." >> reporter: the first lady announced the top honor as "argo" won the best picture award. this is the second oscar win for ben affleck, the film's producer and director. >> i'm back here because of so many of you who are here tonight. >> reporter: this is only the fourth time that the best picture winner was not nominated for best director. >> ang lee. >> reporter: ang lee took that honor for "life of pi," which won 4 awards, the most of any movie. but hollywood history was made when the academy awarded daniel day-lewis with the best actor trophy the first male three- time winner of the
, with these fresh faces. for him in that speech, who could top daniel day-lewis? ben affleck. he said when you're down, you have to get up because he's the bennif bennifer, the gigli, he can act, he can direct. it's not about boston. it's about a whole entirely different subject matter. >> and he thanked canada, which was a big moment for me, because i interviewed president jimmy carter last week, who was the president when "argo" the real live story, and he was moaning that the canadians got no credit in the movie and the cia guy who affleck plays only was there in iran for a day and a half, and yet the movie is skewed to the heroic cia, but actually it was mainly the canadians. a side note, thank you, canada. a big moment for the canadians. >> and thanked his wife, and the fact he got teared up. it's a human moment. i was cheering for him, and i think most of more people were cheering for him because he didn't get the nomination. >> i think the academy getting that wrong played right into his hands. let's turn to the biggest star of the night. other than oscar, steven buthalia, the name we d
was michelle obama announcing best picture. it even surprised ben affleck. >> the whole thing kind of overwhelmed me at the time, but in retrospect, you know, the fact it was the first lady who was an enormous honor and the fact that she surrounded herself by service men and women was special, and i thought appropriate. myself, anyway, it was very cool. >> it was really cool. >> i'm a big fan of the bangs, so -- >> we'll talk more about the first lady's controversial appearance in a few moments. we want to bring in nancy o'dell, and crystal smith, editor at vanity fair. nancy, i say tireless. you told me you have been up for 36 hours straight without a break. >> this is true. i literally have not gone to bed. >> you still look flawless. >> bless you. i was told you were going to sing happy birthday because it's my birthday. >> you know, i'm so tired from the weekend's festivities. >> i got so sleep so there is no excuse for you. i think he's going to do the by the end of the show. >> i loved the oscars because i thought it was unpredictable. seth macfarlane unpredictable. i woke up
spy played by ben affleck in the movie "argo." join us at 5:00 p.m. >> before kerry washington blew up big on the abc show, she learned acting at george washington university. we look back to see where her former professors say about her success. >> kerry had that "it" factor. >> her former professors say her success is no surprise. >> i just had that feeling. i did not know for sure, obviously, but i have that that feeling that she was. be very successful. >> she is a 1998 graduate of gw's department of theater and dance, where she was a standout student, scoring several roles in several productions. >> even when she was a freshman, she was very serious in rehearsal hall. a wonderful collaborator. >> kerry washington performed in place and production of every semester while she was here at gw. her professors say they knew that the skills they saw this very stage would someday lead to an even bigger one. >> she has a lot of ability and tremendous self discipline. >> she and another professor have stayed in touch with her and have watched her rise to fame. >> i cried. >> the scandal
-marie. from ben affleck getting his first oscar in 15 years to jennifer lawrence falling on the way to get hers. this was an oscars to remember. this was a party to remember and one oscar himself. >> one gulp of champagne, and i'm gone these days. >> reporter: even the nominees who didn't win appeared to be having a good time. ben affleck, the producer and director of "argo," hat one of the biggest smiles after seeing his name engraved on the oscars. >> i don't get too much into the oscaroloygy and the pontificating. it doesn't help me to read up on that stuff. it's the fourth time he was not nominated for best picture. ang lee took that honor for "life of pi" which won four awards, the most of any movie. the academy awarded daniel day-lewis with the best actor trophy. he's the first male three-time winner of the statue. >> and the oscar goes to daniel day-lewis. >> reporter: meryl streep another three-time winner presented the award. >> i had actually committed to play margaret thatcher and meryl was steven's first choice for "lincoln." >> reporter: jennifer lawrence
. >> who the man? >> i'm the man! >> all eyes will be on ben affleck sundays night who was snubbed by theed academy for directing "argo." it's the odds on favorite to beat the field for best picture, which could make for a true hollywood ending. >> i thought, if i can even execute in a basic way on this, this would be the best thing i've ever done by far. >> now, brian, i know you moonlight as a film critic. i'd like to hear what your choices are. so for best actress in a leading role, your pick? i heard you like jennifer lau lawrence. >> i think it's 50/50 between her and jessica chastain. >> i like quvenzhane wallace. >> really? >> 9 years old. she did an amazing job. "beasts of the southern wild" is an amazing film. let's go to the men. best actor in a leading role? >> this is kind of -- i feel bad for bradley cooper, a friend of the show, did an amazing job. bottom line, daniel day lewis is the best actor on the planet. he brought to life an icon. >> i agree. i love danield day-lewis. let's go on to picture of the year. >> listen, ben affleck, in some ways, we're the same. i can't stand
dumped nearly three feet of snow in some areas. >>> and ben affleck's iran hostage drama "argo" picks up the best film accolade. daniel day-lewis wins best actor. >>> we're up for another week. we might do what they did and share the love around. >> i read the reports. we're going to talk about it later. there was no one dominant film. >> i thought it was interesting that "argo" won best picture? it was a great movie, but best movie? really? is that the -- >> "lincoln" only got -- sometimes they're quite clued up. the nominations were very similar. do you think lincoln would do better than it did. >> daniel day-lewis picked up an award. help recap for those of us who didn't catch the whole thing or any of it, frankly, but yeah, britain's big film night. now it's time for the u.s. in a couple of weeks. >> besides that, plenty of other things we're looking at today. another day, another summit in brussels. we'll take you to the latest gathering in cypress today. >> egypt's opposition parties are calling for massive rallies in cairo to mark a second anniversary. >> and a secelebration of ca
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